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Owner, Designer, Educator

Christopher DeMott received his BA from Franklin Pierce University in 1989 and has studied glass with some of the most respected masters in the field at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, The Penland School of Crafts, URBANGLASS and the Corning Museum of Glass. His work is included in many private collections, has been available to the public in a number of galleries nationwide and also featured in HOME Magazine, Fairfield County Magazine and Housatonic Home Magazine. Christopher has taught multiple levels of glass at URBANGLASS, Sterling Art Glass and the Brookfield Craft Center. He owned and operated his private studio, The Lodge in New Milford Connecticut from 1996-2005 where he had been an active participant with many different scholastic internship programs. Christopher's journey has come full circle with the creation of Kinship Glassworks a 5000 square foot state of the art full-service glass blowing studio, learning center and gallery in Milford Connecticut. With over 30 years of experience he shares it through his wonderfully executed art pieces and instruction.


Instructor, Assistant

Brian grew up helping his dad in the wood shop. He always told him to,  “Look ahead to the next step, and to have that next tool ready and waiting.” Glasswork is the same thing, except there is no time to stop and look for that tool. If you’re not ready for the next step the glass won’t wait for you. Brian began working with hot glass in 2010 at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa. He realized early on that he was very passionate about glass and wanted to spend as much time in the hot shop as possible, often arriving in the early morning to light the furnaces and staying late into the evening. After moving home to Connecticut, Brian apprenticed at a local glass studio for several years learning from experienced glassmakers and honing his technique. He enjoys creating large vessels with an emphasis on intricately detailed surface patterns. Brian says the inspiration for his patterns comes from nature, where the repetition of minor events can build to a seemingly chaotic scene. He sees the final piece of glass as a record of the creative act, “Every motion you make is engrained into the piece, every breath and every turn of the pipe impacts the outcome. The piece itself is the physical history of your actions during its creation.”



Instructor, Assistant


Ryan began glassblowing at Franklin Pierce University in 2010 when luckily the school opened up their glassblowing program to any and all students who were interested. Having a background in mass communications and music didn’t hinder him from exploring this new art form. After two semesters of glassblowing he was promoted to be a teacher’s assistant for Jordana Korsen and Eva Goodman. Things escalated quickly and he soon found himself in the studio almost every day working, teaching and exploring new techniques with some great FPU glassblowers. “It’s amazing how every time you step foot into a glass studio there is something new to learn - it’s an exciting opportunity for growth every single day.” 

In the past couple years Ryan has worked at Hot Spot Glass Studio further developing and pushing his skills as a glassblower and teacher. When he is not in the studio you will find Ryan playing alto sax for a local band called Drop Party or out and about hiking and exploring Connecticut’s forests.

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